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Black Water


LIN Group was a dream birthed out of countrywide water shortages.

The company wanted to make it possible to manufacture and sell various water tanks and products in as many suburban and rural areas in South Africa as possible. LIN Group was established in 2017, entering the market with their better yet more affordable product while developing new products. By 2019 their first Franchise in Polokwane was up and running, selling our LIN Tanks 2500L and 1000L slimline. They have since expanded to 500L, 5000L, 2000L, and 2500L Septic & Horizontal and industrial cones.

The Lin Tank plastic mix ensures adequate UV stabilisation and protection. Our Tanks are two-layered tanks with our standards following and surpassing the national standards in South Africa.

Only virgin food-grade material is used for our Lin Tanks. The black interior lining prevents algae from growing inside the tanks. Our product is top quality, manufactured by ovens developed and maintained by ourselves. Temperature and speed regulators are strategically placed over our ovens to ensure consistent rotation and temperature throughout manufacturing.

The Association of Rotational Moulders of South Africa (ARMSA) approved our membership in June 2019, and regular quality tests are performed on our products.


We comply with the SANS 1731:2017 standard as a group at every Franchise applying this standard and higher to all our Franchises with regular control and quality checks.


We also offer a 10-year full replacement guarantee on all our tanks.

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